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Monolayer multilayer co-extrusion stretch film winding film machine


    HDFM600-2000 single layer and multilayer co-extrusion stretch film film wrap film

    This unit is my company after years of stretch film equipment manufacturing and customers to use, on the basis of actual operation, to accumulate experience, and combining the domestic and foreign advanced technology constantly upgrading high plasticizing, high speed, integrate with the foreign technology, energy saving save electricity and so on the new stretch film production, mainly is suitable for the production of LLDPE, LDPE, PE, CPE, CEVA stretch film, such as the unit such as LLDPE, CEVA (linear low density polyethylene) as the main raw material, using several different type of resin, has produced by the extruder extrusion and self-adhesive stretch wrap film, cling film, the film has high tensile strength, puncture resistance and impact resistance, is used in transport heat shrinkable packaging film better alternatives. The unit adopts the into intelligent industrial control system, concealment type automatic cutter, automatic cutting, automatic manipulator in volume, automatic loading and unloading of paper tube device, ensure the safe and convenient operation, winding more solid, level off, ensure the quality of the products, greatly improving the production efficiency, reduce the production cost, can create more value for customers.

    Product features:

    1, alloy screw mixing function and the use of special high plasticizing capacity design, cooperate with static mixer, ensure good plasticizing, colour and lustre is uniform, extrusion quantity is greatly improved.

    2, die material imported special steel, through processing technology of high precision processing, long-term use of deformation, ensure the die discharge more smooth and steady.

    3, internal cooling steel roller adopts double loop design, built-in spiral flow channel, ensure the roll surface temperature uniformity.

    4, winding device, can move, with high torque motor with four shaft automatic tension control force, speed can be adjusted freely and film width.

    Equipped with the following:

    1. Static mixing device

    2. The negative pressure (vacuum) chamber

    2. The melt booster pump and the PID control system

    3. The temperature control by microcomputer fully accurate temperature control and touch screen

    4. Fully automated machinery in volume and coil

    The main technical parameters


    Machinery specifications

    HDLM-600\ HDLM-1100\ HDLM-2000


    Width of coating film



    Screw specifications

    Ø65 1:32 \ Ø90  1:32 \Ø100  1:32


    Max speed of coating film



    Diameter of rewinding



    Thickness of coating film



    Inaccuracy thickness of coating film



    Complex cooling roller


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