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PVC extrusion compound machine


    Product use: mainly used in the sponge, cloth, leather, non-woven fabrics, EVA, PVC, cardboard composite materials such as hot pressing. The material is suitable for the hot melt film is coil and coil compression joint. Such as EVA, XPE, PU leather, PVC leather, aluminum film, leather, cloth, non-woven fabric, don't need to add any directly to the hot melt adhesive film as adhesive to high temperature extrusion laminating two layers or three layers of materials. Widely used in car interior, shoes, bags, packaging, electronics and other industries.

    Equipment characteristics:

    1 special, unique bonding system, through the high temperature heating makes good product flat with no wrinkle and adhesive law degree is strong, peel, water, etc. With high precision pattern roller can be customized according to customer's request all kinds of decorative pattern, grain clarity more than 95% similarity.

    Setting down volume 2, adopt non-stop in volume, the maximum volume release diameter above 1200.

    3, institutional gassing axis adopt magnetic powder constant expansion force, rolling up close force and constant, both sides neat, simple and convenient unloading, operating up to very high safety performance.

    4, heating can use electric heating or thermal oil heating.

    5, pressing system can be used worm gear and worm manual regulation or automatically adjust the hydraulic system.

    6, the whole machine adopts PLC centralized control system, one key kunlun pass the touch screen. Multi-parameter memory function of the system calls at any time within the parameters of the stored tension, speed and work status display.