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Plastic stretch film production line


    Product use: widely used in the unitized pallet packaging of commodities, is used in transport heat shrinkable packaging film better alternatives.

    Includes: 1, the plate packing: such as chemical fertilizers, cement, chemical raw materials, building materials, etc.

    2, level of packaging: metal pipe, aluminum, wood, etc.

    3, rotating wrapped around: volume strong paper, carpet, etc.

    4, bundle: glass bottles, containers, etc.

    5, bulk packing: soybeans, grain, such as plastic particles.

    6 packing: storage, such as grass.

    7, manual package: all kinds of retail industry, books, printing, electronics, food, etc.

    8, annular coil packaging: tires, wire, cable, wire, etc.

    Product features: this unit is to LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene) as the main raw material, using several different type of resin, produced by extruder extrusion with self-adhesive double sided sticky or single sided sticky stretch wrap film. The film has high tensile strength, puncture resistance and impact resistance. At the same time has good shrinking memory and self-adhesive back, tightly wrapped into a whole goods, transport upon collapsed and dust pollution, and the film also has excellent transparency and extensibility, can make the packaging items beautiful and easy, economical and practical. Our company have many years of experience in salivate equipment manufacture and use, single-layer/multi-layer co-extrusion salivate group at the membrane surface can be used in the production of CPP, CPE, EVA's single layer or multi-layer protective film. Embossing membrane. Breathable membrane. Wrap film. And other products, widely used in food, packaging. Building. Health and other industries.

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