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High Speed Extrusion Film Composite Unit


    High Speed Extrusion Film Composite Unit

    Product introduction: the units are suitable for PP, PE and other plastics such as salivation membrane and paper, aluminum foil, film, non-woven cloth, fabric, its his base material such as monolayer film, double composite membrane, widely used in: medical dressings, maternal and child health materials, bags of composite materials, clothing materials, shoes material composite materials, etc.

    Equipment characteristics:

    1, the main tools and head can use high-precision film set up two-way regulating die head;

    2, the whole machine implementation, trimming, winding, laminating extruder with vice machine realize synchronous linkage;

    3, high frequency control of motor speed, paragraphs speed can be monotonous, regulation can synchronization;

    4, a comprehensive integration of volume release tension control system, the solution to achieve the winding roll is solid and uniform, the compound flat, not wrinkle;

    5, the film speed can reach 50-120 - m/min, realize high speed film
    Unit 6, can according to customer's technological requirements do other configuration, quick installation, easy to operate;

    7, the unit is the domestic is the production of plastic composite materials, membrane complex ideal equipment, the machine is equipped with a variety of configuration for the user to choose, and can according to user requirements design research and development manufacturing. Equipment of the final price depends on your specific needs of the product and configuration, we offer a range from 1000 mm to 3000 mm width of a variety of configurations, welcome to buy.

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