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Single-layer winding film fresh-keeping film unit


    HDFM600-2000 single and multi-layer co-extruded film and stretch film machine

    Product description:

    The machine is our company in the years of experience in casting equipment on the basis of the combination of domestic and foreign advanced technology and constantly renovated with high plastic, high speed, energy saving and other foreign technology convergence of the new cast film production units, the main Applicable to the production of LLDPE, LDPE, PE, CPE, CEVA and other cast film.

    Scope of application:

    Using a number of different grades of resin, extruded through the extruder to produce a self-adhesive stretch film, plastic film, the film has a high tensile strength, anti-puncture ability and impact resistance, is in transit A better alternative to heat shrinkable packaging.


    1, alloy screw with a special mixing function and high plasticizing capacity design, with a static mixer to ensure good plastic, uniform color, extrusion volume greatly improved.

    2, the mold material using imported special mold steel, after high-precision processing technology to ensure that the long-term use of the die is not deformed, the material is more uniform and stable.

    3, cooling steel roller inside the use of two-way circuit design, built-in spiral flow channel to ensure uniform roll surface temperature.

    4, the radio station device, you can move back and forth, the use of advanced torque motor with four-axis automatic tension control, can adjust the speed and film width.

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