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Composite simplex bit hot pressing machine


    HD1300 Hot Pressing Compound Embossing Unit

    Application: Mainly used for hot-pressing composite of sponge, cloth, leather, non-woven fabric, EVA, PVC, cardboard and other materials. It is suitable for hot-pressing bonding of hot-melt film coil and coil. Such as: EVA, XPE, PU leather, PVC leather, aluminium film, leather, cloth, non-woven fabric bonding, do not need to add any adhesive directly hot-melt film as an adhesive to bond two or three layers of materials at high temperature. It is widely used in automobile interior decoration, shoemaking, bags, packaging, electronics and other industries.

    Equipment features:
    1. Special and unique pressing system, through high temperature heating, makes the bonded products flat and wrinkle-free, strong bonding strength, peeling resistance, wash resistance and other advantages. With high precision pattern roller, we can customize all kinds of patterns according to customer's requirements, and the clear similarity of patterns is more than 95%.
    2. Non-stop rewinding is adopted for rewinding and unwinding, and the maximum diameter of rewinding and unwinding is more than 1200.
    3. The mechanism adopts the way of constant expanding force of magnetic powder on the expanding axis. The winding force is uniform and constant, both sides are neat, the unloading is simple and convenient, and the safety performance is very high.
    4. Heating can be done by electric heating or heat conducting oil.
    5. The pressing system can be manually adjusted by worm wheel or worm or automatically adjusted by hydraulic system.  
    6. The whole machine adopts PLC one-key centralized control system and Kunlun Tongtai touch screen. The multi-parameter memory function can call the display of parameters tension, speed and working state stored in the system at any time.