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Isolate the laminating machine


    This laminating machine is the new company's conventional models, the original equipment improved simplified design more accord with non-woven film winding of the coil, etc., suitable for PP, PE, such as plastic salivate film and non-woven and woven bag film and draping, its products are widely used in protective clothing, isolation gown, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, clothing and shoes materials, package materials and other industries and fields, the company is a company specializing in the production of non-woven film factory, product quality is stable, affordable.
    1, from base material to the draping, coiling of the entire process, adopt advanced electrical and mechanical equipment, realize the monotony and group control, high degree of automation.
    2, the double location first base material and pored over adopt automatic correction device, the base material for automatic orientation and corrective control.
    3, automatic tension control device, which can guarantee the stable base material, high speed of broadcasting effect.
    4, cold laminating roller adopts forced cooling structure, to ensure that the film combined with good effect.
    5, the double location surface friction semi-automatic winding device, equipped with adjustable pneumatic cutting, trimming and drum wind edge structure.
    6, the whole machine each roller clutch adopts pneumatic control.
    Company is a professional production machine equipment, laminating film composite machine manufacturers, my company production of green environmental protection film machine, film laminating the mature technology, quality assurance, affordable, welcome new and old customers to come to advisory negotiate!
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