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Coextrusion stretch film winding film unit


    Hdfm600-2000 single layer and multi-layer coextrusion stretch film winding machine set

    This unit is a new type of casting film production unit with high plasticization, high speed, energy saving and power saving, which is in line with foreign technology. It is mainly suitable for the production of LLDPE, LDPE, PE, CPE, CEVA and other casting films. This unit takes LLDPE, CEVA and other (linear low density polyethylene) as the main raw materials, Several resins of different brands are used to produce self-adhesive stretch winding film and fresh-keeping film through extruder extrusion. The film has high tensile strength, puncture resistance and impact resistance. It is a good substitute for heat shrinkable packaging film in transportation. The unit adopts intelligent industrial control system, combined with concealed automatic cutter, automatic material breaking, automatic roll changing by manipulator and automatic paper tube loading and unloading device, so as to ensure safe and convenient operation, firmer and smoother winding, ensure product quality, greatly improve production efficiency, reduce production cost and create greater value for customers.

    Product features:

    1. The alloy screw adopts special mixing function and high plasticizing capacity design, combined with static mixer to ensure good plasticization, uniform color and greatly improve the extrusion capacity.
    2. The die head is made of imported special die steel, which is processed by high-precision processing technology to ensure that the die head will not deform after long-term use, and the discharge will be more flat and stable.
    3. The cooling steel roll adopts two-way circuit design and built-in spiral flow channel to ensure uniform roll surface temperature.
    4. The winding table device can move back and forth. It adopts advanced torque motor and four-axis automatic tension control force, and can adjust the speed and film width at will.

    Main technical parameters


    Machinery specifications

    HDLM-600\ HDLM-1100\ HDLM-2000


    Width of coating film



    Screw specifications

    Ø65 1:32 \ Ø90  1:32 \Ø100  1:32


    Max speed of coating film



    Diameter of rewinding



    Thickness of coating film



    Inaccuracy thickness of coating film



    Complex cooling roller